Sorry Kids. I Do Not Know What Love Is.

Kids, remember this. When you find someone attractive, it doesn’t always mean love. Even when you stay awake thinking of the person. Even when you wish to be closed by.

While I don’t know what love really is, i surely know what things lead to love. So listen to me. Listen to me good, kids.

Search within your heart, which pictures mostly come to your mind when you’re thinking about the person? 

The love making or the love in making?

The love in making? What does it even means, you say. The build up of feeling when your object of attraction comes to mind. The heartbeat. The lingering smiles that suddenly appear.

If remembering the person can not lit the spark in your eyes, then forget it, kids. Love is still miles away. 

Kids, I know love is a strange thing. But crazy is not one of the things. Crazy in love is just crazy. And you don’t want to be crazy, right?

Because love happens in a state of full awareness. That is when your soul opens and your senses are suddenly perfected. When beauty is within reach. When beauty is you.

Love should make you better understand. Of yourself. Your insecurity, your fear, your pain,  your way to see the world.

Insecurity, fear and pain?  Why with all the negatives, dad? Can it be the way to understand my source of confident,  joy and pride? Don’t you think that’s a better way to see my world?

Sure you can, kids. I’am sorry. I shouldn’t bring my experiences in this parlance. I do hope that you don’t have to walk in my path.But, yes kids, that’s the way to love.

Love should raise you to another level of consciousness. A level in which everything is clearer. Simpler. And beautiful.

And kids, if things do not go your way, if love is just nowhere to be found, you should know your life is not always a sad story. 

There is always me. To cheer you up. 

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