On Being Single. 

I am a loner. I don’t mind come to an empty home. Give me space that I need to clear up my mind. Pondering on life.

I value my freedom. No need to answer Where did you go? With whom? Doing what?

Sure, from time to time, i need a company. Someone to share the laughter. Who doesn’t?

But the idea of having one woman for the rest of my life is really freak me out. For this moment. Not quite a pick up line :D.

Why the hell I am telling you this? Because, I know someone out there has the similar feeling. But they try to conceal it. Too bad.

Eventhough they know they can not commit, they trick other into believing they will.  At the end, they try every which way to exit.

I feel bad to the victims. They have wasted their time. They deserve better than empty promises.

There is nothing wrong of being single. As well as nothing wrong of being couples. As long as you don’t deceive yourself or other.

Ask yourself a question: “Why should I committed to one person for the rest of my life?”.

If you have the answer, then look for it. If you have the doubt, be honest. In my case, life is easier this way. 😀 

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