Love. Among other things.

Kids, let me tell you something about yearning for love. Because face it. Like it or not, that is part of life.

I am not talking about the path that bring you there. Maybe you can not find someone. Maybe they don’t see you. Doesn’t matter.

Suppose you do. Years from now.  I just want you to remember that I give these words to you. Never give in.

Kids, love is an idea. An ideal even. Sort of things which even the smartest person can not really define. You just know.

The deep longing for someone special can be blinding, sometimes. You fill your days with sadness. I understand. I was there.

But kids, you’d better be true to your feeling. Because they don’t lie. Don’t force love.  It won’t be fair. It won’t be far.

Never give in. Because your very soul knows that you’re just afraid you never find love. You’ll respect yourself less.

Never give in. Because even when you settle for less, your heart doesn’t. You’ll end up with thousands of what ifs.

Never give in. And i am not only talking about love, here.  Every aspect of your life is worth fighting.

But dad, how about have some fun, you may ask. It’s okay kids. Do that. With consent.

Never, in your life, you trick others into believing that you love them. Just for the sake of fun. If you do, you’ll just break my heart.

Kids, I know it won’t be easy in telling the truth. You may not get the fun that you’re looking for. But believe me, it is thousands time better.

Kids. I really hope you can learn something here. But no matter what, I love you. Always.

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    ‘Never Give In’
    (I lost my words about this phrase)

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