Let’s Welcome the New Year

As a self centric person, I prefer to think that time pass me by rather than I travel through time. Therefore, I am welcoming this new year.

In my silly mind, a year is just collections of days and not necessarily build up in time continuum.  As I stand still, they come to me.  Bring my wishes along with bills that I should pay off.   They also listen to my wishes as I deposit considerable good deeds.  Pretty neat system, huh?

I imagine in the information is passed along between one point of day and another. In other words, they are talking. We wish something in September 4th. It passes that info to the guys. Out of nowhere, the June 30th bring us what we wished. Of course when we hurt people in November 2nd, the March 14th may kick our ass as a payback.

I tend to think that what we get in each day is rooted in what we wished and what we have done. Luck is over rated as well as blessing.

Therefore, New Year resolution is best posed as a wish rather than action plan. For example, you don’t say I want to go to gym regularly next year if what you really want is knocking 10 pounds off. Just tell the guys that you want to knock that 10 pounds off. You may find the February guys give you the diarrhea that you need. Who knows?

If indeed going to the gym brings you pleasure, then you might want to wish that you can go to gym regularly.

My point is don’t get stuck in the process. Let’s focus on the result that we want.  I am not saying that the process is not important.  After all, life is not entirely magic.  From point A to point B, we always have to walk.  But you do not wish for the process.

And please wish for yourself. There is no point in wishing other.    If they wish it, yours do not really add anything new to the stream of information, right? Unless they ask for it of course.  I mean this is just common courtesy.

Imagine if your wish is actually opposite to the one they want.  You may end up hurt them.

Funny thing about this wish business, it does not depend on the number of people who wish it. Otherwise, China will be the greatest things in everything won’t it?

To make a wish need a certain belief. However, religion or religiousness has nothing to do with it. People from all religion do pray (translation: they make a wish). Some of them get the answer some of them don’t. Regardless their religion. Regardless their religiousness.

The only belief that you need is that your wish will come true. This is an interesting point. If you wish that you will have a new face, can you truly believe it ? I don’t think so. So, just forget about “ridiculous” wishes.

The other interesting point is how most of the time the good and humble people think there are not adequate. They let God decide. No wonder many of them never get what they wish.

And be grateful.  Be really really grateful. I don’t know, but for me grateful is always key to my happiness.  My contentment does not come from thinking that I am in a better place than the less fortunate guys.  It comes from arriving at where I am.  No matter, how small the accomplishment.

Yes, it is never easy.  I know that I am not your typical happy person.  But every time I did soul searching for my unhappiness, it is always centered in certain comparison.

I know this is not original.  You must have read it somewhere.  But then again, New Year is not really new, right? 😀

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