Seven reasons why we ‘d better off to like Devil rather than God (as described in the scriptures)

1. There were not even once occasion in which Devil killed man. God destroyed many communities since early time.

2. God is jealous type of guy. Can not even stand if we think of other. Devil is more happy go lucky. Does not really care if you cheat him.

3. Devil provokes the idea of freedom. God wants us to obey His will forcefully.

4. God is racist (no black person for apostle), gender bias (no woman for apostle too) and homophobic (remember sodom and gomorah). Devil takes all men equal.

5. God shamelessly bends the laws to make His points (He calls it miracle for PR ing purpose though). Devil always play by the rules.

6. Devil helps you to ease your guilt when you do bad thing. You can always blame him. God takes credit for your good deed.

7. Both God and Devil creates useless job like preachers and marketing/advertising. But at least, advertising can involve half naked woman.

Still do not think I am a funny guy? Seriously, you need to use teflon toilet to help you ponder….

Note: I wrote this note like two years ago. I still find it ridiculously funny

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