Venue, Twice Upon a Time

A pitcher of long island tea. Bunch of friends. An attempt to find a good time. The music was so loud. But the mood was high. Hands were up high. Hips moved as if they had their own will. And feet that just could not find a stop.

Where did they go? It seems just like a moment ago but indeed that life had passed me by. Works, marriage, kids,graduate school and other occupants of my life had me forget about this side of life. Not that I am complaining. At that period,those wild nights might be just irrelevant.

It is not that I didn’t know what bring me back there again. But funny how after ten years I came to the same place. Both literaly and figuratively.

The place was so much different to what I remember. The bar, the dance platform, the waiters’ attire. Can not say, I’ve seen them. But the exciment remain. The energy to bring the house down. Bum..bum..bum..o..yeah.

For myself, the circle of life apparently brought me back to the similar status. Single.

Be in your early thirty or early forty, single means the same: emptiness. Hence, chasing woman. If you are lucky, you can hold on something called relationship. However, one night stand may be good enough to carry on. I had been there and voila..I was there again.

Clubbing uninvitably is part of the game. So there I was, once again. Diferent bunch of friends, same attempt to find a good time.

There I let my self loose in dancing crowd. Didn’t know where my feet were. Bum..bum..bum..o..yeah. Laughters and screams were just added to the whole scenery. For no reason at all. Was it the DJ who kept the spirit high? Or i just did not want to lose the moment?

To be in the place where nothing was really matter.
No reports to worry about. No divorce paper to ruin the day. No tomorrows to plan.

Drums. Heart beats. Foot steps. Wild dances. They exhausted me to the very end but they were all I need that time.
I did not care much about my head that suddenly turned to be so heavy. It was so irrelevant. I might die happy.

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