How About Some Thought on Life

Never in a moment I think that life is a free ride. Not in my wildest dream I expect less than an accountability. For freedom is the essence of humanity. The consequences of our choices in life are the prices. Or the prizes.

I subscribe to the idea of utilitarianism. What we produce and consume are measured in how much they can benefit us and other. After all, social wellfare is just a total sum of individual wellfare.

One of the basic foundation of accountability is fairness. It is indeed a very elusive concept but so necessary. Fairness means the regularity that applies to everybody. Universe gives us law of physic. Same force of gravity for all. With the universal law that just and blind, why don’t we do the same?

Fairness principle dictates a reciprocality. If you want good things in life you must do good. That simple.

Are we really able to do good things without resource? You might. Simple kindness such as smile and praising people do not require any. But if you want to affect people’s life, you need to amass power and wealth. That’s when diligence, persistence and smartness play roles.

But what is power and wealth good for, if it is not for betterment of mankind? Or in smaller scope, the people of our own. Money in the bank is just paper.

But at the end of the day you want life to be worthwhile. Enjoying life is not a sin. Good food, good friend and good fuck. In what ever order. While love is sometimes over rated, it can send you to the moon when you come across the right person in the right time. Don’t stop searching.

That is life all about for me. And I am a man with strong conviction. But of course if you find it not appealing, I can always provide you with other. Yes, I am trying to be funny here.

(This note is written after 2 shots of baileys, 1 frozen margarita, 1 die hard and 2 shots of tequila. Life is good)

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