I want to believe in God. Unfortunately, religions do not give me much of choice. It always end-up with certain maniac who burn billion of people in hell for being human since to err is our properties. (To be fair, they say there is heaven, but given the prerequisite to enter, I don’t think so).

Some of you will say God is not that bad. God is merciful as long as you recognize (Him/ Her/ It) and ask for forgiveness. What happen to unconditional love? I bet Hitler’s mum does it better.
And don’t get me started about how injustice those punishment in hell are.

Yes, but the world need order. Without any those threats, people will go berserk. They will succumb to their lust and human race will be vanished in no time. Is it? Oris it not?

Two things come to mind: Power and Survival of human race. Let’s see.

It has been verified that all entities including the non living things have a mechanism called self govern. The question is what do they need this self govern property. Then, we found that chaos rules. The existence of all entities in the universe is determined on how well those entities fight against chaos. Ergo, that is all self govern all about. To survive.

It is probably hard to think that all planets and galaxies move and expand the way they are because that is the optimum way to avoid destruction. But believe me, it is.
Surely those planets and galaxies do not need hell to behave in such a way.
Then why we, human race, need hell to survive? Don’t we have enough awareness, feeling and logic as way to self govern?

And so what if human race is vanished. Do you think that real God will be suffered because there is no more fan club (to quote Henry Manampiring)?

Power. That is all about. Religion is about power. It is hardly about God. And those who are in power will say and do anything to be in power forever. No wonder million of people die in the name of God so the representatives can be in power. I am not caring to these religions.

So I pick up my own God. The one with all the goodness. Mine is the one who only set rules of the games: Law of physics, Law of attitude and behavior and Law of wishes. And for certain reason (probably for amusement) also throw away luck in random.

After creating that initial condition, my God rests. And we are in our owns.

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  1. Gede Agustapa says:

    i Love this.

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