Be outraged

It is outraging. Whenever a group of people try to impose  their beliefs to others by force, I feel a powerful resentment inside. Especially if they base their acts on certain religious teaching. Because those people who inflict pain on others will not feel any remorse. They think they have God in their side. This makes me sick.

We can not prevent people from being bigot, moron or ignorance. And we may share some responsibilities for that. Instead of voice out our position, most of us tend to avoid confrontation. It does not worth the trouble. They will not listen. It was not directed to us. These are our typical responses when we heard some one utter hatred against particular group of people. Then, the violence takes place. And we are offended.

However, the worst feeling comes from the fact that the state fails to protect their citizens from those coercion acts. And don’t tell me about the inability to punish those who do the barbaric act. it is so frustrating.

When I pay my tax or other obligations as citizen, I want something in return.  I don’t ask much. I just want law and order.  After all that is the main reason of having a government.

It was Thomas Hobbes who say it more than 300 years ago in his social contract. He started his argument by describing a state of nature. The one with no government and every man is enemy to every man due to scarcity of resource. It would be a very violence state. Even when two individuals make a pact to forgo the violence, who are going to enforce that? That state of nature would not survive.

Thus, the power of government comes from our agreement to stop slaughtering others in order to protect our interest. We hand out our power with a promise that the government will enforce law and order fairly. Every act of violence by individuals should be seen as an offense to the agreement and government legitimacy. Can it be any clearer than that ?

Unfortunately now we have the weakest government ever. There were times when we had land lords, kings,  or other forms of dictatorship. Some of them are good people, some of them are bad. However, the worst are always those who are not able to keep law and order.

Soeharto might not be a best president. But he at least kept his social contract. Under his regime, we only have to worry about him and his military. Aside of that, he made sure that nobody take matters to their own hands. We must remember on how he swept away criminals with his Petrus (not so mysteriously killings). Think about how hard it must be for him to order such un-humanly act. But he did it. And we silently thanked him.

This government is useless. But in the interest of democracy, we should preserve it until next election. Question is how should we deal with these on going violence?

Not by silence for sure.

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