Am I paranoid or Do I see them coming?

I always say that I do not want to think about what government do or should do. I convinced myself that my life would not be substantially affected by the game  those politician play. I know their hunger for power is set mostly for money. The worst they can do is corruption.  Bad as it is, I can live my life unharmed.

However, I am facing the fact that my life may not be as untouchable as I assumed. Now we have a class of politicians who want to impose their beliefs on how people should live.  Some of them are hard core fanatics, some of them are more moderate. Some of them are true believers, some of them just want to ride the wave.  All in the name of Allah.

And these people are bad. They spread fear and loyalty in many fronts with different tactics and strategies. Up front they have PKS which is a legit political party. PKS accept democratic process as a mean to impose shariah based laws. But their true color is definitely totalitarian. Down the line they have FPI, FUI and HTI as their attacking dogs to do all the dirty works in inflicting fears. 

They don’t talk about forming Islamic country anymore.  They know they can not sell it to Indonesian people. So they get smarter. It is easier to work from inside. As other political parties are only interested to money, they easily pass the laws which more represent Islamic laws. Now, they have many laws in their side.

Formally, it is the government who have the right to impose the law. But they are not stupid. They know that government or in this case police institution does not have any incentive to do that.  So they take laws into their own hands.  That is basically what FPI does.  

Of course PKS as the legit representation of the ideology will say that what FPI does is wrong. But it is nothing more than lip services. At the end of the day, FPI serves the purpose. This country is moving toward Islamic totalitarian.

I watch the phenomena with a great concern.  Not that I have something against Islam. But the totalitarianism that I have problem with. The unchecked power that controlled by few. They will surely limit our freedom to the minimum.

To make it worst, religious based totalitarian will claim they get their legitimate power from God. Once they are in power, they actually do not need us to elect them again. They will do things in the name of Allah. They will determine right or wrong simply by their own interpretation of the Book. When it happens, who dares to question them? Eventually, we will be screwed.

Who are going to stop them now? In the political arena they only face bunch of idiots. While in the community, the government is too weak and unmotivated.

I guess it is all up to us.

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