Our tragedy

The indonesian’s tragedy is stupidity based on hypocrisy. The stumbling block that lead this nation into its doom. The fake morality system which creates huge cynicism. How can we be so wrong?

I guess it started with an illusion that we can control people behavior by imposing a concept of hell and heaven. Since the early age we brainstorm our kids that somehow there is a big guy up there watching our deeds. A huge mistakes for some obvious reasons.

I am not saying that there is no God. People should be entitled to believe in whatever they wish to believe. But I am telling you that imposing such belief in regard to control our behavior is dead wrong.

Most human regulate their behaviors firstly through consequences of their actions. Their beliefs comes second. I do not need a rocket science to prove it. In fact most of what they believe comes from they learn from reaction of what they do.

Then, how can you expect a big guy who works mysteriously can effectively regulate human behavior?

Let’s face the fact that what people want in life is pursuing the happiness. Let’s not fall into hypocrisy by thinking that we are here to serve our master, the big guy. If by some teachings, serving the master lead to their happiness then in fact my position still hold.  

Of course you see there is nothing noble in this objective of life. But human race is indeed far from noble. Couple millions years ago we were nothing but hairy apes who were amused by our own tails.

Look at our education system. They put the main objective of education in every level as “creating” men with obedience to the God! it takes no genius to understand why it fails.

Do you know how government bureaucracy administer control? Mainly by mechanism they call self-control. What a smuck!

Since the Big Guy up there is perceived as forgiving, then we employ a win win strategy. We cheat, we steal as long as nobody knows. Then we pray and give charity in order to bribe the Big Guy. Smart isn’t it?

I say this is stupid.

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