On becoming blogger

There is always a time when we do things for the very first time. In certain circumstances, we do want to preserve the moment. This is one of the circumstances.

I want to remember this time as a moment of anxiety. A time when fear and hope dance (or wrestle?) through my guts. I feel weak but in the same time looking forward to what may come.

I always have an inner me. The shy one who hide in a comfort of his own world. He won’t approve this blogger thingy. What is there to accomplish anyway?

Though I can not really convince him, I have my reason:

Being an opinionated person, I need to write down my arguments. And let others challenge them. Point out the flaws in the facts or my logical deduction. I want to be enggaged in stimulating conversation.

There are several areas in which I deeply put my mind and heart on. My dominant thought should be on woman or sex, but unfortunately I don’t have anything to say in that departments. So I will let those ones go.

Next in line would be a standard existential questions such as who I am, why I am here and what happen to me when all of this has gone? I have my view, I might share it.

Contemporary political situation is always an interesting topic. I open myself to any possible debates on government policies. I like to have a position. But I am flexible. Show me a good argument and I am all yours.

The rest are probably close to my expertise areas such as brand strategic management, research methodology or business statistics. For time to time, I might want to bounce ideas.

Not bad for introduction, huh?

Wish me luck.

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